We have our own unique Analysis Suite to perform a number of tasks:

  1. Convert Illumina FASTQ file to user-friendly sequence table.
  2. Perform comprehensive statistical analysis to identify putative binders.
  3. Deliver visualization of sequencing data in easy-to-interpret reports.

Not only are we at the cutting edge in ligand discovery, we are also developing new state of the art software to make the discovery process easier and faster. Since this software drastically improved the experience for our own scientists we have decided to make it available to others. Here are some of the features that you can take advantage of:


With a large amount of publicly available you are able to use some of the features of the cloud without signing up. Why not take a look around and experiment with our system. Certain features are only available to clients as such are not accessable during the free preview so if you see anything missing, don’t worry thats only because its a preview.